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Above the Curve Harry Potter collection swatches and review.

Today I have some swatches of the Above the Curve Harry Potter Inspired collection, the UK retailer for Above the Curve, Sally Magpies provided these for review.

The collection is made up of nine polishes, three glitters, six holos.  The lighting in these photos is all over the place as the December weather is unforgiving and there's not enough daylight to get any type of sparkle.  I moved the daylight lamps around as best I could. some are my normal lighting set up, some are indirect lighting and some are directly lit.  All swatches are two coats and without topcoat unless mentioned otherwise.

Hufflepuff (worn with top coat in picture above) reminded me of Easter pastel polishes, it's a fluffy yellow chick shade, filled with holo glitters. Yep, those black/green speckles are holographic glitters!   I did have a little fishing to do to get the larger hex glitters, the smaller ones were copious and plentiful.  There is a hint of VNL still at two coats when under the bright daylight lamps but it was less visible in real life.  If VNL was an issue you could layer over white to hide the VNL.  I am not a huge yellow fan but this shade is amazing.

Polyjuice Potion
Polyjuice Potion is a green jelly base which glows in the dark with brighter green glitters.  I had charged this in front of the daylight lamp so the nails look slightly different to the bottle due to the glow on them - I tried and didn't succeed in getting a glowing photo!  I used four thin layers for the photo above and still found this polish to be sheerer than I would like as the VNL is to much for me.  Next time I wear this I will layer it over white or maybe Barry M Key Lime.  I didn't use top coat on this photo, it has a slightly matte gritty texture which I suspect is related to the glow in the dark pigment and could easily be smoothed with top coat.

Patronus Charm
Patronus Charm is one of my absolute favourites from this collection, although I liked them all!   This pale baby blue leans towards silver in some lights with holo through it.  I struggled to capture the holo terribly well due to the wintery lighting, although you can see hints of it on the little finger.  Patronus Charm also is a glow in the dark polish, although this one is smoother than Polyjuice Potion.

Wingardium Leviosa
Wingardium Leviosa is another huge favourite of mine, it was almost perfect in one coat, although it is two coats shown above.  This blue toned pinky mauve is packed with holo effect in the bottle, and while the holo did translate to the nail, it was not quite as intense as in the bottle.  This polish is a great shade for more conservative environments, it would be "work appropriate" in an environment where polish is accepted.  It may even be a good stamper, although I haven't tested it out for that yet.

Gryffindor was very shy in the light box!  It needed full on direct day light lamp to catch those holo sparkles.  It was somewhere between a deep raspberry and a burgundy, with both normal holo effect AND larger holo glitters!  It has a real WOW factor.  I haven't worn Gryffindor for longer than swatching yet so can't comment on removal, although I expect it to be similar to Ravenclaw (see further down.)  This was another one of the absolute favourites I had from this collection.

Slytherin is a gold/green douchrome shade with holo through it, which sometimes shows hints of  red too.  I had to photograph this with direct light on it to get the holo sparkles to show (see the bottle and my little / index fingers.)  This went on easily in two coats, it may also be a good stamping polish, although I haven't tried it.  If it does I would love to try it over black.

Sirius Black
Sirius Black is a black linear holo which apparently glows in the dark - I didn't try this one out.  I am a huge fan of black holos and have a few in my collection.  It's not quite as deeper black as my old Ozotic black holo, but it's a very good black holo. This is another one of my most favourite of this collection.

Spectre Specs (layered over Wet n Wild Black Creme)
Spectre Specs is a gorgeous iridescent flakie polish which also has regular flakie glitters, hex glitters and bar glitters.  The predominant colours the glitters move between are green, blue and orange.  Flakie polishes like this really pop over dark bases but can work equally well over lighter shades.  I didn't think to try this over white, but I am sure it would work well.  The pictures above are just one coat of Spectre Specs with top coat.

Ravenclaw is my number one in this collection.  I had to photograph this with direct lighting which is why my skin looks bleached out.  It has everything I love in a polish.  It is holographic, has a duochrome effect created by glitter and it's a beautiful deep blue.  It is a darker blue in normal lighting, but this directly lit photo captures the beauty of the polish, you can see the larger glitters and holo.  Ravenclaw has the same features as Gryffindor, a holographic base with larger holo glitters in it. I kept Ravenclaw on and wore it for 24hours, removal was a bit messy with the glitter in there, I did end up with it all over my hands but it washed off.  It wasn't stubborn to remove and didn't need soaking with foils.

These were my first experience of Above the Curve polishes and I really liked them, the bases were good, not too thick not too runny. The range includes a Doctor Who themed collection and some Ultra Holos - these I would love to try as the holos were my most favourite part of this HP collection.

Sally, behind the Magpie store started out as a British Nail Blogger and ventured into polish selling around three years ago. Now her store is a firm favourite of mine for brands such as Mentality, piCture pOlish and Manglaze, currently there is a page of super bargain bundles for Christmas and whilst the last postage for Christmas may have passed, it could be a great place to go and spend some Christmas money!
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