Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Black and White Skittle

It may be coming up towards Christmas, but today I have some relatively simple black and white nails, I still can't bring myself to think of Christmas designs!


I used three Barry Ms: Matte White, Epsresso and Lady, plus Kiko 646.  I painted some silver studs to get matching black and white studs.  I used a relaxed chevron from She Sells Sea Shells on my thumb, a stencil from a pack I got off eBay (more a sticker than a vinyl) on my middle finger.  I used INM Out the Door topcoat.

I painted the white base on my middle finger and topcoated, I left it an hour before using the sticker but still it wasn't enough.  The stickers I got from eBay are ones I seldom use as they are verrrrrry sticky.  On this occasion it was no different, I peeled half the white base off :(  I did fill it in and in real life it's not very noticeable, although on these photos it looks very smudgy.

The middle finger design, which I worked around to create this mani, was something I did after seeing this throwback post by The Crumpet on Facebook.

Here is a Cinderella hand picture taken on my phone, the middle finger had no problem with the sticky guide. I just smudged a dot doing too much before I applied top coat.

I am loving black and white at the moment - what is your favourite contrasting pair of colours?
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