Sunday, 28 December 2014

From the ashes - pink and white skittlette.

Today I have a pink and white skittlette.  Pink and white is one of my favourite pairings at the moment, second only to black and white!

These nails were done on a day when disasters just kept happening.  I did my nails three times prior to this simple skittle, and then I had done the first coat of the white base on my nails for this mani, not screwed the top down, knocked the fecking bottle over and covered myself, the breakfast bar and the kitchen floor with white polish.  It looked like half a bottle when it was everywhere, but actually it was only about 1mm from the top of the bottle when it settled.

My base was OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, I added the stripes using 2mm rose studs from Born Pretty Store* (sample, previously provided for a review) on three nails, the other nails were topped with a pink to white thermal I picked up in a swap on Facebook, Polished by KPT Sunday Rose and added pink dots using Barry M Pink Punch, above shows warm thermal, below shows cool thermal.

I used Mentality Fast Dry Top coat, this was sent to me as a sample to try out by Sally Magpie, the UK Mentality stockist.  I am currently testing this out and will have a review coming soon.

This was a simple quick mani which came from the ashes of some horrible disasters!  
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  1. It's a lovely manicure. Sometimes simple and quick is best.

  2. oh you are funny! lovely as always xx


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