Thursday, 4 December 2014

Gold Accent Skittlette

This was a quick mani I cobbled together - oh no I just wrote that without thinking... No pun intended...

Photos were taken after 24hrs wear.

The blue is Mentality Cobbler - hence my groan earlier - the greeny gold colour is Mentality Rigoberta (topped with glitter), the gold glitter is piCture pOlish Rocky and the 1.5mm gold studs are from She Sells Sea Shells.  I topcoated Cobbler, which should be a matte finish.  My topcoat in this was Rica Glossy Glam.  I am falling out of love with my bottle of Rica at the moment as I am noticing tip wear which I don't get with the other top coat I am using at the moment, Duri Brush N Go.  Duri does streak though, so I definitely need to keep looking for my holy grail top coat.  The wear is most visible on the thumbs in these pictures.

This post reminds me of my old Magpie Mondays as all the polishes can be bought at Sally Magpies :)

This final photo is a reminder to myself as to why I should set up my light box and get the proper camera: after I had done this mani I took phone photos with flash, the difference is so apparent!

Eeeeek I look half dead!!!
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