Sunday, 7 December 2014

INM Out the Door Top Coat review plus Purple and Gold Skittlette

In my last post I mentioned I was starting to fall out of love with my bottle of Rica, so for today's nails I decided to crack open my bottle of INM Out the Door.  I have had this since probably July, but as I bought three different top coats all at once, this has been in waiting.

For a top coat review I do like to combine several elements, dots to see if it smudges or streaks, glitters to see how well it smooths and dries them as usually they seem to take longer to dry, studs to see how long they hold firm and creme polish so I can see how smooth and glossy the nails are.

My glitter is Cirque Ica Valley, the plummy purple is the dark Barry M Gelly (I think mine was a mislabled one as Blackberry) the yellowy orangey shade is Mustard, the gold studs are 1.5mm from She Sells Sea Shells.

Excuse the polishy finger above, I am far from coordinated, if there is almost dry polish on paper from dotting, you can guarantee I will rest my hand in it.

Formula wise this topcoat seemed quite thin, I am sure after a month or so, this will change.  It usually does.  I did my nails, cleaned up then topcoated, I did the dotty nails last to minimise streaking.  Looking really closely I can see a slight drag on the dots (the big one near my cuticle) but that was mainly down to me I think, as I did brush it an extra time and that's when it happened.

How did it cope?

Dry time seemed ok as after I did these I tidied a few bits up in the kitchen, folded my lightbox down and put it away.  However about 20mins after topcoating, I blew my nose and then noticed the index fingernail on my blogging hand was all wrinkled, I did manage to smooth that back with a damp finger and it actually looked fine!  That was the only nail affected, I think I did it reaching in my pocket for the tissue.

An hour after doing these I went in the shower and they seemed solid.  Went to bed about 90mins after finish them and.... found dents on some nails the next morning.  Not big in your face ones, just ones enough to notice when you really look at the purple nails on my right hand, but then who apart from me, examined them about six centimetres from the tip of their nose?  At the time of writing, I have used the same top coat four more times and have had no further issues at all, so maybe the damage was more related to the nose blowing than going to bed?

Did it smooth glitter? Not really.  I think if I had a rougher glitter I would need another topcoat too or more layers.

The creme nails remained looking really glossy despite tissuegate and being a dark shade they would have shown any unforgiving tip wear.  I did wrap my tips carefully and on day two there was a little tip wear, but as I forgot to take any after photos I can't show it, however I would have considered it reasonable enough to have worn another day, but I wanted to change them as I had an idea in mind to try.  I had no chipping at all.  The studs held firm for 36hrs, then I noticed I had lost one on my left hand, but the rest held firm for the full 48hrs.

Subsequent uses of INM Out the Door since this initial mani (done late November) has made me quite like this top coat.  For now, anyway.  Inevitably some new holy grail will appear soon!  Plus I don't know how this bottle will be three months from now.  I previously had an INM Northern Lights Silver Holo which I loved for it's quick dry time and this was just as good in my opinion.

Which top coat is your current favourite?
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