Friday, 19 December 2014

Nail Arcade - unicorn nail decoration review.

Today I have a long overdue review of some lovely unicorn nail decorations from the Nail Arcade.  I decided to use the unicorn as an accent on just one nail as I thought all nails would be a bit too much.

I decided to pair a gradient with China Glaze Fairy Dust and an accent stripe on the nail which would have the unicorn.  I used a base of Eve Snow Pixie and the lilac is OPI Do You Lilac It.  The white nail is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

  I pressed the unicorn into wet polish and topcoated it in place.

The unicorn was flat, so before I started I pressed it on my nail to get the right curve before I had wet polish to contend with.  I actually still didn't get it quite right although it was easy enough to work with once on the nail as I had already partially done it.

The unicorns came in a small bag, I love the heart shaped labels!  As you can see below they are silver one side and coppery pink on the other.  You could use them on the reverse if it suits a manicure better.

The unicorns are currently out of stock, but a similar look could also be achieved with butterflies on the accent stripe - the butterflies are in stock at The Nail Arcade.  I previously bought some when there was an option to get them in a pot, presently there is only the bag option, at a bargain sale price of 25p!!

The unicorns and butterflies are simple to use, they just need to be curved before you start and pressed onto wet polish, they are lightweight and relatively smooth.

Be sure to check out the Nail Arcade, Rachel has some fab items on there.


  1. Lovely manicure, nice change from all the Christmas related nails! The colours are really sweet and great post. :)

  2. I love that gradient!! And the unicorn is cute too!


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