Monday, 22 December 2014

Smitten - Peppermint Patty swatches

Today I have swatches of a polish I was given as a birthday gift, Smitten Peppermint Patty a minty green polish packed full of holo glitters.  The first photo is taken in normal light of light box, the rest are taken with a daylight lamp pointed straight at the nails.

The polish needed three coats to acheive full coverage.  Next time I wear this I will try to layer rather than apply soo many coats.  In the photo above, indirect light, it really does no justice, the twinkly amazingness of this polish is fab.

I used two coats of Duri Brush n Go top coat to get a smooth, glossy finish.

I wore this polish on my birthday (I was naughty and opened the gift early!)  I can't really comment on the wear time of this as I didn't keep it on long, I applied it on the Friday night then removed it on the Sunday after my left hand did war with the wheelie bin, at first I thought I had chipped a lot of polish off, but closer examination showed it was chip to the nail, 5mm of nail.  I also had a crack.

I removed the polish with tin foil soak off, there was micro glitter EVERYWHERE but I didn't care, I loved this polish!

I can't give much info on price or seller as this was part of the most amazing gift I have ever received, my cousin had packed a box with lots of individually wrapped items, this was the first one I opened.  There was also a gorgeous Barry M and two lovely Models Own polishes as well as other skin and hand care items. AND chocolate and a small bottle of wine! WOW!! She is the best :)

I have previously ordered Smitten polishes direct from their creator Noelie and was very happy with  the delivery time, price and of course the gorgeous polish.
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