Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mentality Fast Dry - my thoughts and experiences.

Today I have a review of Mentality Fast Dry top coat.

I have been using Fast Dry for a while and just got around to writing this review!  I decided to try a mani I would normally do for testing a top coat, using dots, glitter and studs to see how it wears.  I used Barry M Kiwi and Espresso, Layla Soft Touch in silver with added a-england Merlin for more glitter and 1.5mm silver studs from She Sells Sea Shells.  I use white acrylic paint for the dots.  The silver studs have a slight textured effect because after top coating I added a dot of Layla onto them which gave this appearance.

I tested this the "normal" way by taking my photos, then oiling the polish before folding down my light box and putting it away.  About an hour after I had done my nails I went in the shower and within two hours I was asleep.

After 24hrs, the polish had lasted well enought that I wore this for another 24hrs, but didn't get a photo.  The studs remained in place, the only slight negative is I could see hair imprints in my nails.  Now conversely to the hair imprints, before Christmas I had an evil stomach upset.  Nasty.  I took loperamide (AKA Immodium) to try and settle things as I was sure it was just IBS, but it wore off quicker than expected, 10mins after I had just done my nails, two coats of a-england Her Rose Adagio and topcoated with fast dry and oil.  I was able to make the mad dash and not ruin my mani.   Within this mani I had a matte nail which came up lovely and glossy, although Barry M Mattes are more rubbery, waxy finishes than true matte.  I added the Mentality Matte over Mentality Majesty and it remained matte!  So much so I actually checked I hadn't used the wrong bottle!

The application of Fast Dry is quite thin, unlike Seche or other quick drying top coats where you have a big bead of polish on the brush, Fast Dry is quite thin.  I think I may have overloaded the brush in this black green silver mani.  I am going to continue using this as I have had mixed experiences.  Keep an eye out for a future update.

Mentality polishes are available in the UK from Sally Magpies.

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