Friday, 9 January 2015

Pink Black and White skittle with 3D bows.

Over the last few posts I have mentioned my favourite pairings being black and white or pink and white, today's post combines all three colours, pink, black and white.


I got some Amazon vouchers for my birthday at the start of December and used them to buy a pack of 3D bows.  I think I got 50 (ten colours, five of each colour) for under £2, posted from China and delivered Christmas Eve.  I picked a pink bow then worked from there.  In the bottle OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian looked a much closer colour match to the bow.  I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Barry M Espresso (I love how shiny the matte polish looks with top coat, it's my new favourite black at the moment!)  I actually superglued the bow on, will have to add an update if it turns out to be a total fuck up...

This is my first experience of big 3D nail art items, at time of writing it has been there for five hours and although I keep toying with it, the superglue is holding the bow firm!
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