Monday, 26 January 2015

Smitten Between the Baubles Swatches

Today's post is a simple swatch post - with crappy mobile phone pics!  I bought Smitten Between the Baubles after seeing Anna Bean post photos on her Facebook page.  I knew I needed it, but it was out of stock on the Smitten website, so I asked on a sales Facebook page if anyone wanted to sell theirs and got lucky :)

The following is two coats of Smitten, it top coated with Duri Brush n Go.  First photo is without flash, the rest have the flash on.

Looking a the picture aboev I can see what came next - I got a rip on my index finger and can see the slight sticky out bit on that picture which is right where the rip started.  I didn't try to save it as by the time I noticed the tear it was curling out and about the catch on my clothes so the nails are now short....

I have previously purchased Smittens directly from Noelie and they have arrived here in reasonable time, between a week and two weeks.  The store is on Vacation at the time of writing this post, the message does state a restock will be made toward the end of January, so may be worth checking for restocks.
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  1. Ouch, I was just thinking how lovely your nails were looking too. I feel your pain. LOVE this polish, I love a good green!


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