Monday, 19 January 2015

Why I need to practice my free hand zebra print!

Today's post features some awful freehand zebra that I attempted after recently getting some acrylic paints.

This was my attempt at a recreation of something I pinned on Pinterest a while ago.

Source: Nails by Kayla Shevonne
I had heard acrylic paint is easy to wash off skin, but those flakie white bits on my middle finger are white acrylic paint which wasn't coming off....

My base is SpaRitual Magnify (previously provided for review), the black and whites used are both acrylic paints.  I love the fact that the white seemed so true and bright and the dots didn't smudge at all with the top coat....

But I hated the way these looked and they came off immediately after I had photographed them.

This will be my last pink black and white mani for a while!

I hadn't considered it until I came to writing this post up, but the colours / theme of this is very similar to my NET Cancer Awareness Post.   Just a quick update on that...  This is partially why it's been over a week since my last post, which was a scheduled post.  Hubs has had three days of tests and x-rays and a confirmation that the neuroendocrine tumour is in his small bowel and liver.  The surgeon had booked him in mid Feb for the first operation to remove the affected section of bowel, but then we got a call on Friday and it's due to be done this week.  I do have a couple more posts scheduled but then may have another gap in posting depending on how things go and what happens next.
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  1. Oh honey. I'm so sorry to hear about his health. Sending all my best wishes and love to you both.

  2. All my best wishes for a easy recovery and a clean bill of health for your man!! God be with you both during this awful time. V

    1. Thanks Victoria, we are both looking forwards to it being over.


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