Saturday, 21 February 2015

I've gotten organised...Almost!!

Nothing to Disclose 

I have been a bit thin on the ground posting wise recently, but I am hoping to try and get back into the swing of things.  One thing which doesn't normally inspire me is my messy work area so I've tidied up!  Today's post shows where the magic (doesn't always) happens!

I use the breakfast bar in our kitchen to do my nails for several reasons: I like having a table to rest my arms on, it steadys my hands;  I like having everything close together;  It's close to hubs, whilst he is in the front room, but as we have a glass door I can shut the door through and still watch tv but spare him the fumes (he has asthma.)  I don't like the chairs, they were inherited when we moved in and we haven't replaced them with more comfortable ones!

The breakfast bar is referred to by hubs as "the nail bar."  It's been a dreadful, untidy mess until my colleague Anna (who used to blog at Anna's Polish Addiction) gave me the China Glaze rack which I now use to organise my base and top coats, black and white polishes and have a row free which I use to store my polishes I need to put on swatch sticks and add to my spreadsheet.

The picture below shows a closer view.  The stack of envelopes and bubble wrap on the left is there because I had planned to destash a few of my polishes, then hubs had his surgery and I haven't gotten around to using them and doing it.  The black zip up wallet on top of the envelopes holds all my stamping plates, I was given that as a gift on my birthday.  It currently holds all my Pueen, Red Angel, Bundle Monster and Cheeky round plates perfectly, I slip my bigger rectangular MoYou plates in the back.  The Dairy Milk cup holds the assorted sticks, files, pushers I use for nail care.

The plastic drawers are still unorganised. The top drawer has way too much in it, dotting tools, brushes, stampers and scrapers...  The second drawer is even worse, that has glequins in it and I still haven't cleared out the loose blue ones after the pot undid itself in there....

The acetone with the yellow tone is the one I mixed up with olive oil as I didn't have any glycerin at the time I was making my own.

The MUA paper bag is now no longer sat there, it is sat on the bedroom floor next to my Helmers.  It is ram bang full of polishes which had been sitting on "the nail bar" waiting to be swatched onto swatch sticks before going up to the Helmers I store my polish in and polishes I have recently used but not yet put away.  If you wanted to see more about the storage for them you can view this Snoop in the Stash post.

Do you have a special area you use as a nail area?

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  1. I transformed a dinner table into a nail island, as I had a lot of space in the room I am renting at the moment, sadly for my nail-island, I am moving to a flat where I will only have an office to do my nails in. Hopefully I can get equally organised there as i am on my little polish island. :P I like your nail-bar. Very chic


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