Monday, 23 February 2015

MUA Spring collection and discount code

I was recently invited to attend a Garden Party to celebrate the launch of the new MUA Spring collection.  I wasn't able to attend as it fell around the time of hubs being diagnosed and having his surgery.  I was delighted to get a goody bag in the post giving me a taster of the evening and some samples.

I don't blog make up normally, and today I have just one photo of my arm, but I will share some thoughts on what I've found.

In my goody bag I had some sweets - they were soon demolished! - some seeds, yet to be planted, all five of the whipped velvet blush collection, a pressed powder and the Make Up Academy Pro-Base.

The Whipped Velvet Blush comes in five colours, Ritzy, Chichi, Hedonic, Rococo and Spry.  They retail at £3 each.

I foolishly didn't get any photos to show these in the packaging.  I found them pretty intimidating in the package and wondered if I would look like Aunt Sally (if you are too young to remember, see here) with them, but actually I found them pretty flattering on the skin. I think with my very pale skin I would proably veer away from Ritzy, but the rest I can and have worn.  Rococo is my absolute favourite, it blended well and gave me a healthy sheen.  I my regular make up is a mineral powder foundation, I approached a cream blush with caution but was delighted to find it really worked well.

Taken from MUA website

The pressed powder retails for £1

Taken from MUA website
I was really impressed with the packaging on this one, the packaging snaps shut really well, there is no mirror so it wouldn't be ideal for touch ups on the go unless you have a separate compact and a way to apply it, but for £1 it seems a bargain!  On the day I tried this, I used a foundation I have had for a while, a very pale Dainty Doll, one so white it's even a bit pale for me, but it warms up well with the right blush and powder.  This translucent powder didn't work well with my particular skin tone, hubs told me I had a bit of orange on my forehead two hours after application and when I went to check I ended up taking my whole face off.  Not good for me, but may suit some people and for £1 definitely worth a try.

The most impressive item in the whole goody bag was the Pro-Base Primer, this retails at £5.

Taken from MUA Website

The Smooth, Set & Prime instantly reminded me of Dr Feelgood by Benefit.  I have used Dr Feelgood in the past and it definitely cost me more than £5.  This type of balm can be used a base, or after make up to set it.  I have used it as a base for a week and had no reaction, I have super sensitive skin so that's a real positive.  I used this as a base to the Dainty Doll Foundation which I find I need a primer under otherwise it goes on very chalky.  I also tried this under my regular mineral foundation and again it worked really well.  I haven't tried this for a touch up during the day yet.  I have reached an age where a good primer is an essential so this is something I will definitely be purchasing.

As I am not a make up blogger (and photo shy!) I haven't included any facial pictures.  My current normal daily make up routine is pretty sparse, I only dab on Laura Geller primer, dust over Bare Escentuals powder and mineral veil and I'm done.  I don't bother with eye make up on a day by day basis as I have had some bad flare ups of eczema over my eye lids.

MUA have kindly given me a discount code which is valid until 4/3/15.  If you make any purchases on their webstore, you can enter MUALBQ10 at checkout

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  1. I have just bought two of the blushers, they do feel like velvet!

    1. If you want any more use the code above :) I was so pleased at how they blended and worked even over my powder foundation.


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