Sunday, 1 March 2015

Barry M Spring Gellys.

Nothing to Disclose   Crappy phone photos!!

Apologies for radio silence, had a stomach bug and felt lousy over the last few days. I intended to have a swatch post up today but just haven't felt up to it.

Today's post shows the newest Barry M Gellys: Fondant, Sky Blue and Cotton.  I didn't get chance to set up the light box or proper camera so I just made do with these photos from my phone.

I used two coats of Fondant and Sky Blue, they went on fine - I have read that some people needed more coats, maybe I am heavy handed? I haven't managed to compare Sky Blue to OPI's What's with the Cattitude but I think they seem similar from memory.  I dotted with Cotton.  I can't remember which top coat I used for these - either INM or Duri.

They lasted well over two days.  The glistening around my cuticles is oil, usually the proper camera set up doesn't show oils up, but my phone seems to love it.  As you may notice my nails are shorter again...  my index finger has broken again.

I did take one photo on a compact camera, by the time this one was taken I had some bubbling in my top coat.

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