Wednesday, 4 March 2015

You Tube tutorial disaster!!!

Nothing to Disclose   **crappy phone pics**

Today's nail disaster came from a tutorial I followed from You Tube.  It went that badly that I took the photos with out clean up and took them straight off!!  I haven't even watermarked the photos - please feel free to steal them and use them!

The middle finger was done using the exact technique in the video, the ring finger was done following the video, but making a decal with top coat at the end to apply it.  I did use white stamping polish with a white base, thinking back maybe I should have use black stamping polish with the white base.  My colours were all Barry M, the plate I used is a faux Pueen from eBay, only a couple of quid, really quick delivery and stamps well.

Here is the video


I had marginally more luck on my left hand with black stamping polish and a black base, but it is still mucky looking.

In the end I took this off and went with neutral nails, Barry M Mocha worn with a top coat.  The next day I noticed this...  It hasn't shown up well on the photo below but look to the top (my right side wall) and you can see the tear which had appeared out of nowhere...  The crack on the left corner is a crack in the polish, but was caused by my nail peeling - I have had issues with my thumb, index and middle fingers on my right hand and the thumb on my left hand too.  All of them are peeling, despite my usual magic cocktail of Pure Nail Oil, Duri and a Crystal file.

Then I noticed this...

My Duri is a funny cloudy coral colour...  I have used the bottle on the left for six weeks and over that time my nails have been horrendous.  The bottle on the right is the way I am used to seeing it, more pink.  I think I have had a very bad bottle and it's left me with nails which are peeling again. As soon as I realised, I switched to using the bottle on the right and have taken my nails shorter, hopefully below the peels so that they will grow out better now. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It put a huge smile on my face, and now my day is a lot better.
    I bow to you

    1. I was soooooo frustrated when I did these! I had ordered the stamping plate especially, waited patiently and then it looked horrible!

  2. I feel your frustration! I got a bottle of Duri like that, and had a similar problem with peeling, but never realized that it might be the cause. I usually get mine at Winners. The bottle I'm using now is pink but still on the cloudy side. It seems to be working OK. I can't really remember, but I think my first bottle (purchased at another retailer) was clear pink. I wonder if they spoil or if there might be fakes (like with OPI polishes). If you ever find out let us know.

    1. The pink Duri definitely worked for me much better than the corally one, as I buy mine on eBay I can't check it before buying, so may have to find something new :(


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