Sunday, 19 April 2015

Essence Spring collection swatches and thoughts.

Long time, no Emma!  It's been over a month since my last post, although that was actually something I had done mid February so it's been a while since I last blogged...  Today I have a long overdue review of some of the Essence spring nail polishes which are available in Wilkinsons stores, I'll add on at the end a bit more of what's been going on and where I have been.  On to the review!

First is So Lucky from the I Love Trends pastels collection.  So Lucky surprised me during application as it was matte - then I noticed it says on the bottle it is matte.... I realised I hadn't looked very closely!  I do like this matte, it went on fine in two coats, it is a great minty colour, unlike any other matte polishes I already had.  This retails at just £1.80 in Wilkos stores and online at so it's a very good price point.

Next is Pure Soul from the I Love Trends nude collection.  Pure Soul is the kind of colour I normally avoid as I tend to assume they will be see through and show the horrible staining on my nails, however Pure Soul surprised me by being pretty opaque after just two coats.  It also has a lovely subtle shimmer which I struggled to capture, but it is definitely there.  This also retails at £1.80 and is a great price.

The Pastel Ombre top coat offers a way to change up your existing polishes by making them look different.  I love effect top coats, although I have to say this one didn't seem to offer much of a change.  I used this over So Lucky, in the photos the index finger has one coat, middle finger has two coats, ring finger has three coats and little finger has four coats.  I found the effect very subtle and would have liked this more had the effect been more striking.  Pastel Ombre top coat is priced at £2.00, so it's not going to break the bank to try it.  I haven't tried it over a darker colour - it may have more impact over a black.

Finally I have the Quick & Easy sponge with cuticle oil.  This is a fantastic idea!  I don't tend to use the polish remover pots, but having a pot like this with a foam insert and cuticle oil is a really quick, simple way to use oil.  At night I can be very tired, sometimes skipping my cuticle oil ritual (especially when I have been unwell) so having a pot to dip my fingers in one by one is so quick and simple, there is no excuse to skip the oil!  I didn't like the initial smell on opening the pot, I think this is a combination of the foam and the oil, but once on my fingers the smell was light and pleasant.  I can't place what it smells like, I am terrible at describing smells!  This oil sells at £2.00.

I have had a look through the Essence range on and am really loving the amount of choice and great value prices.  My cuticle remover has almost run out so I may try out the Essence one next.  I can't find the exact prices for postage when ordering online, but they do offer free delivery to store so I think if I do want to buy them I will probably order online and have them delivered, rather than trying to find the range in store, my local Wilkinsons store is quite small, but like Aladdins cave.  I go in for one or two things and come out with bags and bags of things I didn't know I needed.  Ordering online is a great way of controlling that!

Ok... so as for what happened with me? In January I changed jobs, went into five weeks of training right as hubs had his cancer op, so things were pretty hectic.  I started the new job in February and have been pretty knackered and drained when I come home, but then I was also needing to get as much done at home as possible as hubs was out of action whilst recovering.

In February my nails all broke, I realised my bottle of Duri was different to normal, so threw it out and started a new bottle which was the usual colour - the iffy bottle was coral rather than pink.  I also decided to try out using Acrygel base for nails after seeing a few YouTube tutorials.  Basically it is using a gel base and sprinkling acrylic powder over it then setting it, using a gel top coat to smooth, then buffing if needed to get a smooth base.  I tried it out, but got less inspired to do my nails because I didn't want to use acetone over the acrylic and I detest acetone free remover.  I have sort of given up on acrygel now though as I got fed up of the lengthy soak off process.  Maybe I will try it again when my nails are at my optimum length to try and give them some armour, but for now I am back to Duri.

As hubs got better, I realised I had also enjoyed the break from blogging a little.  We spent time baking and cooking, or chilling out watching tv.  We have done some home improvements and my "nail bar" got took over with a load of stuff which is still waiting to be rehomed as I got flu almost three weeks ago and still don't feel right.

I have also had a big sell off of some of my polishes via some Facebook sales pages, two helmers almost full was a bit of a wake up call to get rid of excess I don't use.  No point them sitting here unused.  I do have some photos on the camera which I will try and get around to uploading.

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