Monday, 1 June 2015

MUA 5th Birthday limited edition palette

Today I have a slightly different type of post to normal.  In celebration of their 5th Birthday, MUA have released a limited edition eyeshadow palette.  I was delighted to try it out and have a couple of close ups below!

The palette consists of 12 shades with textures from matte to shimmer, subtle to smokey and in my opinion could be suited to a neutral look for a day at work then topped up with some of the smokier darker shades for a night out.  A great choice of colours.

The camera wouldn't focus to capture the names!

I have extremely sensitive skin, my eyelids can react very quickly to products so I gave this a full two week trial to see how it suited me before writing this post - the result?  No problems at all, no itching, puffiness or eczema.  I'm really impressed.

I took photos on two of the days I was wearing this.  For both of these I started with Shell over the whole eye lid, then added some colour to the crease of my eye and outer corners, then lined with a shimmer shade and a dampened slanted brush.  This first day was a combination of the nude / brown shades with the darker brown shimmer as a liner.  I used no primer, my foundation was Bare Escentuals and my mascara is a Maybelline one -  no lash inserts, these are my own eyelashes!

The next photos were a combo of pinky orange shades with the metallic orange shade used with a damp brush for a liner.

Eye make up photos aren't a skill of mine!  I took these on my rubbish mobile camera, using the internal camera and that's not the greatest!

As I mentioned earlier, I didn't use any kind of primer.  Due to my skin sensitivity, all I tend to do is take mineral veil over my eyelids before I apply any eye make up.  The wear time was better than I expected, at the end of a busy hot day the eye shadow didn't crease into my socket line, but remained as it was when applied.  Shell looked a little paler, but the dampened liner shadow was exactly the same.

The only negative for me - which others may find a positive - is the packaging.  If you are carrying make up around in your bag I can see the stiff catch as a bonus. As a nail blogger, I disliked how stiff the catch was.  For the photo above with the palette open, I had to get hubs to open it! I had just done my nails and didn't want to smudge them.  When I used it in the morning, I used nail scissors to open it.  I guess this may change with usage, but after two weeks it hasn't relaxed any!

This palette is limited edition, I can't find any reference to how long it will be available.  It is on sale for just £4 and can be purchased from MUA online and the range is also available in Superdrug.  This palette is described on the MUA site as being possible to use as a highlighter - I haven't tried this, I only used it on my eyes (I'm getting boring in my old age, I'm pushing 37 now!)
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