Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Teal Black combo.

I do love pairing teal and black!

For these I used Beauty UK Tealed with a Kiss (previously provided for review) abnd Nails Inc Noho Black Leather effect.  I added some simple accents of chevrons done with nail vinyls from She Sells Sea Shells and a bow accent.  On my thumb I put a tip of turquoise glequins.

Despite using superglue to put the bow on, it fell off within minutes.  I still had the light box set up and took this photo - this is how I ended up wearing this mani.  The textured dots worked well in hiding the lumpy polish left where the bow was meant to be.

The last photos are to show camera issues I had!  The massively over exposed photo below was taken using my normal settings and normal lighting, just the late evening sunshine was hitting the kitchen and bleaching everything.

How did I fix it? With a tasteful sheet at the window look, temporarily.  I had to put a sheet up at the door to block the light flooding in.  I almost ended up with the same sheet hung at the front room window after a moment of disaster with the curtains in the washing machine, washed on too higher temperature.

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  1. This polish combo is wonderful and I like very much the nail art you made!

  2. This is so cute! I especially love the leather finish polish. I can never get those bow charms to stay on either - love both manis! :)

  3. Both versions are just too cute!

  4. I really love that look, especially the second one!


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