Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Mod Lacquer Stimulate, Deviate and Motivate swatches, comparisons and review.

Today I have some fantastic summery polishes which were just tooooooo good to not photograph and wear at the moment, especially with our wee British heatwave we have just had (summer's over now folks!) - it's been while since my last post, my old friends eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis have all been around for a while and my hands haven't been in a nice condition.  There's still some redness on my fingers in these photos, but nothing like it has been.  And the polishes needed to be shared!

I have three polishes from the stunning Electrified collection by Mod Lacquer which I have swatched, done some comparisons against similar shades from my collection and my thoughts to share.


Before my photos, I just want to add that neons are notoriously hard to capture the exact vivid nature of plus there are variations between display types - the picture above is so bright on my phone, yet on my tablet is seems less vivid.

The first polish is probably my surprise pick of the three, Stimulate a true bright hot orange, like a road cone.  Hubs liked this too and his favourite "colour" is black.  In the photos below I used three thin coats without base (I was too excited!) and they are taken with top coat.   My little finger has one coat of white then two coats of Stimulate.  There was no gain from using a white base, the colour didn't "pop" any more, the consistency of the polish wasn't any more opaque.

For comparison I used my only other neon-ish orange, piCture pOlish Fake Tan.  Side by side I realised how un-neon Fake Tan actually is.

In the picture below I have Fake Tan on my little finger and middle finger.  The rest are Stimulate.

Next is Deviate, looking at this in the bottle and on the colour wheel above I consider Deviate to be purple.  My camera and my husband consider this to be pink! Deviate was the thinnest formulation of the colours, yet seemed opaque enough to be full coverage in two coats - again on my little finger I tried a base of white, although again there was no gain from using a white base, no extra "pop" from using it.  I did have some cuticle flooding with this polish, but there was no real trouble cleaning up.

When I saw this bottle, I though of Rhossili from the Barry M mattes, however side by side there was no comparison.

Finally my camera nemesis, Motivate.  An intense bright pink, which my camera decides is a strawberry pastel shade.   Believe me, it isn't!  I'll add a phone photo at the end which has Motivate and captures the neon-ness of this shade!  I used two coats on all nails - little finger has a white base, but again, this isn't needed.

My comparison shades were SpaRitual Imaginarium, which is totally different, a shimmery finish rather than a creme and China Glaze Pink Voltage.

SpaRitual is on my middle finger,  China Glaze on my little finger.

Here's my current mani!
My tablet still thinks this is pastel, but on my phone it's loads better!
My thoughts on these?  I loved them, so far I have worn Stimulate and it wore really well - a full two days without any significant tip wear or chipping  (come back for my next post to see how I wore it!)   Motivate is my current mani and in the last photo I have had it on for 24 hours and my tips are still wrapped, no whiteness there yet.  I am going to replace my current mani with Deviate tomorrow or Friday, but I am sure it will last just as well.  I used a white gel polish on my middle and ring fingers after I had swatched for these and it revealed I hadn't removed my polish as well as I thought, there it was glowing around my cuticle area!  I wanted to take a photo under the blue toned led to try and capture the glow, but then I forgot....  Ooopsie.  I am sure these shades will suit every skin tone, from my alabaster white to a tan to darker skin tones, they glow and look amazing.

The polishes come in two sizes, the mini is 4ml, the large is 12ml, you can get them here at the ModLacquer Etsy store.  My Etsy defaults to GBP, the 4ml is £2.34 and the 12ml is £5.69 and Jennifer does ship to the UK.  I really hope to stock up on some more neons before they get snapped up as I am definitely missing a green creme, a blue and a yellow.  I also want to try and get a full size of Stimulate as it's a gorgeous orange and drew compliments when I wore it!

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