Wednesday, 26 August 2015

ASP - Wow it's dry super fast top coat review and nail art.

This nail art was inspired by the ASP Wow It's Dry packaging.  I purchased the top coat myself, I think some of the polishes I used for the nail art were press samples, but it's been ages since I did this and I can't exactly remember the polishes I used!

Wow It's Dry hadn't been on my radar at all until I got a Scratch magazine and noticed an ad for it in there.  I hunted it down and bought this new bottle from eBay.  I think with postage I paid about £6 for it, it retails for £5.99 in Sallys.  Not sure if it's sold anywhere else.

The top coat is quite thin when it applies, and here's the irony... I'm not using it in the photos below as it is a nail art smudger :(  I wanted to love this top coat, I really did.  In fact I tried it for about three weeks before I did this nail art.

The bottle brags that it is a super fast top coat, dries in seconds and lasts for weeks.  Seconds?  Weeks?  It's all a big fat lie.  It didn't dry in seconds - on one occasion I reached into a cupboard around 20mins after I had used this and caught my finger against a bottle of soft drink which was in there.  The whole nail was wrinkled.  I always do my nails in the evening, then wear the polish over the next few days.  As those days wore on the polish under the top coat wrinkled.  As for lasting for weeks, I can't get beyond three days wear with any polish no matter what I do - unless I magically pretend the chips in the polish and tip wear aren't there.  That magical miracle I do sometimes bring myself to do.

I wanted to use vinyls, so for drying comparison I used Seche on one hand and ASP on the other.  The Seche hand was fine, ASP hand looked like I had gone for a negative space mani.

The one positive with this is it worked ok over glitter - not that I wear glitter very often - but you can't notice the wrinkling so much on a glitter.  It seemed ok over holo too, although the wrinkling problem did still happen.

Maybe I'm using it wrong.

Anyway onto the nail art....

In this mani I know the little finger has two Gelly polishes and Beauty UK yellow.  The checkered nail is probably a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls stamped with Konad black special polish.  I think the pink nails were a base of a Gelly in pink and then dotted with Nails Inc Udderly Shocking pink (press sample) and the blue nails were dotted with Nails Inc Baker St.  I have no idea about the blue base - maybe a China Glaze?  I was meant to write this post in June and it's now August which is why I am a bit wishy washy over the polishes I used!

All in all, I'd say that I won't be repurchasing the ASP top coat - which is a real shame, I wanted to love it. 
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  1. I did not know about this top coat. I like your fun looking mani though!


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