Friday, 21 August 2015

Erm this was a bit longer coming than planned!

My last post was about six weeks ago and I intended to post this a couple of days after that one, ooooopsie!

It's been a bigger gap than planned, but life happens.  I had six sets of photos edited and uploaded to Blogger, but never got around to the writing that goes along with them. I've been busy building garden furniture, enjoying time with hubs and generally not doing masses.  Over the past two months I've also started to work out more and my exercise time has taken over from my nail time, I've been painting my nails every four or five days rather than every evening.

Anyway here's the second post featuring Mod Lacquer neons.  I loved Stimulate, the orange, so much so that I've worn it several times.

My gradient nails had a base of white gel polish.  I used a swirly vinyl from She Sells Sea Shells and dabbed a gradient over with the other two colours, Deviate the darker pink/purple hue and Motivate the pink shade.

This mani made me realise I had big skin troubles when I used gel polishes.  I had to soak off the white and I have now thrown out my gel polishes and won't be touching them again.  I woke up during the night ripping my skin to bits and have just about gotten over the worst of the problems now.
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  1. What about gel polish made your skin react in such a way? Is it from the light used to cure the polish or the polish itself? Really cute design though.

    1. I am not sure. I felt a burning sensation when it was curing for a few seconds, but being mega sensitive to all kinds of everything, it may be both. I am guessing it is the polish itself as my hands we itching terribly and then weeping whilst I wore it. I thought it was just eczema initially but it had cleared up a lot prior to these photos (although still white visible on my ring finger) and I hadn't used gel for a while. Used it for this mani and had instant flare up again.

  2. Taken in consideration the recent scandal with Mentality Polish. Maybe you should notify the company that you have experienced some sensitivity with their products? So they know.
    In case there is some contamination somewhere...

  3. Sorry about the painful reactions to polish products. The mani looks so nice, though.


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