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Colors By Llarowe PDQ top coat review, wear time and thoughts.

I was recently browsing a nail polish sale page on Facebook and noticed someone was selling PDQ top coat by Llarowe. I have been using INM Out the Door, I am towards the end of my second bottle now and it is just starting to thicken. I have been pretty happy with INM but am always open to trying a new top coat, especially as INM smudges nail art. So I bought it and tried it. To test it out, I went for a skittlette with studs, glitter, stamping and dots to see how it worked with each of these elements.

In this mani I used bases of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Glam Polish Whirlwind as an accent nail. My dots are done using Bary M Espresso and OPI Do You Lilac It?  The stamping is MoYou London Sailor plate 03, and stamping polish my MoYou Nails (both the MoYous!) I think the studs are from Born Pretty Store.  The glittery Glam Polish needed three coats to get full coverage, then I used two coats of top coat to get a smooth finish - it stayed smooth too - add in my base and I had six layers on that nail but it dried nicely!

The glam is super duper sparkly, I took a short video of this mani and uploaded it to my Instagram page.

The PDQ has slightly smudged the stamping on the tip, it was fine on my left hand, but smudged only on the right.  At this point, not sure which was the better reflection on it as my dots smudged a little (not enough to ruin the mani) on my left and were fine on my right.  Maybe I was applying it too thinly and causing the dragging?

I imagine PDQ stands for Pretty Damn or Darned Quick, which to be fair it actually is.  I did this mani on a Sunday afternoon, I gave it about an hour then I got on with household chores, fetching washing in, ironing, putting laundry away, washing dishes, prepping dinner.  I rarely wash dishes after I have recently done my nails as I have found that even wearing gloves I get some hideous tip shrinkage.  I had none caused by washing those dishes!

These next photos are taken on my phone so they look hideous.  There is tip wear on most nails, but it probably could have gone on to three days of wear if I had wanted to.  The studs remained in place.  I did have some cracking along the edge of my nail where I hadn't applied the top coat fully - you can just about see this on my index finger below.

PDQ is described on LLarowe as

-Super shiny finish
-Fast drying
-Will not dull holographic finishes
-Durable finish 
-Glitter smoothing
-No shrinkage
-3 Free

After removing the above mani, I decided to try this over holographic polish to see if it had any impact.  The holo I used was Bear Pawlish Poor Unfortunate Souls, a lovely deep emerald green.  There was no dulling on the polish at all, in fact it added an extra glossy shine.  The holo in PUS is quite a shy one anyway and can't really be seen in the final photo.  I sat down to paint my nails at 8.50pm, which is way later than I normally would do them!  I went in the shower at 9.30pm and was in bed and asleep by 10.30pm.  I didn't smudge any of my nails or find any nail imprints - result! 
Cinderella hand, just painted

This final photo is almost two full days wear.  There is some chipping on the corners, I don't know if this relates to the top coat or the Bear Pawlish as it was it's first outing, or possibly  just because I had filed my nails with polish on.

I do like this topcoat, probably more so than any other top coat since I tried Rica - although Rica later started to cause shrinkage on me.  I like this one so much that I have already bought a second bottle, even though my first one has only had three outings, I guess that's the inner horder in me!  Is it just me who does that?  Starts a bottle of polish and gets a back up immediately, just in case?

PDQ is available from Llarowe directly, plus there are a network of international stockists carrying Llarowe polishes.
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