Friday, 25 September 2015

Phone spam and kitty spam

Today I'm sharing some phone spam - I am about to change my phone so may not transfer them all over!  I have a few things that have been photographed quickly and never took "proper" photos to share.

This stamping was a subtle combo and it looked great...

Then I flushed the loo and this happened....  The toilet flush is a button and I often break my thumbnail on it.

One of the few summery evenings we had I decided to sit outside and paint my nails.  I thought it may be a recipe for disaster.

But my nails turned out ok.

Then I decided I wanted icecream and bent the spoon - but my nails were fine.

Lurch loved the new patio furniture.

This mani did feature briefly in another post, but I loved the simple black and white, textures and stamping.

When I went to a baby shower, this was my colour of choice, Baker St.  She's having a boy.

Bit of houndstooth stamping with neon orange.

And finally a happy sleeping kitty, cuddled up to hubs :)

Hopefully the next time I say dodgy phone photo it will be not so dodgy and my new samsung will take a much better photo :)


  1. The black and white stamped nails are lovely!

  2. The pink and silver is gorgeous! And so is the kitty :)


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