Tuesday, 29 September 2015

SpaRitual Hand Made and Eye For Detail swatches, comparisons and thoughts.

Today I have swatches and comparisons of two new polishes from SpaRitual's most recent collection, Pause.  The two polishes I am reviewing are a glitter and a shimmer.  My first thoughts were that I may have some dupes so I have included a comparison photo.

SpaRitual offer ecofriendly products, this includes using recycled glass in their bottles. The ingredients used are vegan friendly. Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know how much I love THAT BRUSH! The grippy handle takes all the efrt out of painting your nails. The polishes are high quality and wear really well, I especially like their creme finishes.

Firstly Hand Made, a coppery brown glitter polish, micro glitters of gold and red combine in this shimmery polish to create an overall brown shade. The suspension base is ever so slightly tinted.

At the first coat I was concerned this wouldn't cover horrible nails - these photos were taken late August when my lifting was still quite visible and may still have shown through.  I found that three think coats gave perfect full coverage.

For comparison, I thought this polish was a dead on dupe for Barry M Copper.  Side by side in the bottles they are very similar, although the Barry M seems a little more golden.  As soon as I applied the Barry M to my ring finger I could instantly see a difference, the base used by Barry M is tinted almost blue-ish and there's an obvious difference. You can see this below.

The next polish is Eye For Detail.  This polish is a shimmer.  In the bottle it almost appears a foil finish.  The luminescence from this is so intense.

Again, I worried this may not fully cover my ugly nails, but in just two coats it really did cover the horrible uneven lines on my nails.  And this was such a wow finish that I realllllly need to use this in some type of nail art soon.

When I first saw Eye for Detail, I was convinced this was a dupe for an old OPI I have, from their night brights collection:  I Only Drink Champagne.  Side by side in the bottles it was immediately obvious that the OPI was missing the wow factor and inner glow that Eye For Detail has.  As it's very old, maybe the OPI has faded, maybe it never had it.  No dupes here though.  Two coats of the OPI didn't cover anywhere near as well as the SpaRitual.

Over all both of these polishes truly surprised me, I often avoid both of these finishes in favour of cremes which I know will cover my nails up (I have previously posted about the lifting I have experienced earlier in the year.)  Eye For Detail is a colour I would normally avoid if I was picking a polish, yet on the nail I really like it!  I am thinking it will work well with black.  I foresee a skittlette with this soon. Both polishes went on easily and gave good coverage, they dried quickly and surprisingly Hand Made wasn't a nightmare to remove, I just needed an extra cotton wool pad.


  1. I am glad that your nails are healing. I don't own any SpaRituall polish, but the ones you showed us today are fantastic ones! Love them both!
    I run a BPS giveaway on my blog, you're welcome to participate!

  2. So glad your nails are healing well.


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