Friday, 16 October 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Geek

Today the 40 great nail art ideas theme is geeks.  I had a fantastic idea for this one which involved two layers done on my Ubermat.  But then a) I cut my nails off and b) I realised I hadn't got time.  I cut my nails off to try and get rid of the strong horizontal ridges which are growing out at the moment (read

So I have opted for an alternative take on geeks.  I am a nail geek.  The uberbright neon orange base is a polish I picked up recently.  I was on holiday in Devon and noticed that a new shop was opening with a wall of nail polish.  As it opened the day after, we HAD to go back and I HAD to buy something!  This orange was one of four polishes I purchased.  I also am a dotting geek and haven't done a full mani with lots of dots for ages, so I went for that too.

The orange is fluorescent orange by W7, the black and white dots are done using MoYou Nails stamping polish (the white was previously provided for review) topcoat is CbL PDQ. At the time of writing this mani is on day four and still going strong, no chips :)  I have been asked by several people if I had used nail wraps :rolls eyes:

Ooops I forgot to rotate this photo!

and this one too!

My original geek plan was to use my ubermat and do a saran wrap white and blue base, paint on a small scene of grass, trees and flowers, then separately stamp a jigsaw pattern (to ensure I didn't bugger up my hard work) then ultimately build up a mani of a jigsaw as I do enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles and they are a bit geeky.

Ah well, fingers crossed I don't kop out on the next one two weeks from now :) I think it's Halloween and I hope I can pull some rabbit out of the hat for that.  I might even set up my "proper" photography set up for that!

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