Friday, 30 October 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

Purchased by me  Press sample.

Today's 40 Great Nail Idea theme is - appropriately -  Halloween, to be fair I could probably find plenty of ideas with this theme and cover two weeks, but I am sticking to just one post (again) this year. Don't Fear the Reaper.  You may not even pick him out, but he's in there along with a couple of sets of glowing red eyes in the undergrowth.

I was loosley inspired by a video tutorial made by Kelly at the Nail Polish Challenge, although my gradient colours came from seeing a sunset a couple of nights ago on the way home from work, since the clocks went back here in the UK, sunset is around 5pm some evenings.  The sky went from blue to grey to yellow to pink, then the shadowy sillhouettes.  I tried those colours in the gradient but the pink got lost in there, so I stuck to the other colours in the end.

Apologies for shitty clean up, I didn't see the grey until I came to crop the photos (old age and poor eyesight are my excuses...) I have to use acetone and cotton buds, I haven't dared venture to using liquid latex thanks to the sensitivities I am left with since the Mentality issue. 

My regular blog hand below is showing improvements- this post is out of sequence and some older posts will follow soon.  I did a scaled down version on the right hand.

And finally a matte photo.  Couldn't resist tryig it out.

In this mani I used Barry Ms in Elderberry, Chai, Lemon Ice Cream, Fondant and Pistachio for the gradient.  I dry brushed some black which is Barry M Espresso.  I added a litttle twinkle in the way of China Glaze Fairy Dust around the sky and I used a-England Perceval for the few red accents.  All purchased by me. The matte top coat was Beauty UK Matte Top Coat previously provided for review.  The brushes used were from the set I received in my box of goodies from - I trimmed an already fine brush down a little and have a great detailing brush now.

My original idea for Halloween was based on this image I found on Facebook, but I skipped it as it is too much like my nails from last year!

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  1. yes those bottle are like your last years nails :) I liked you current mani too :) Happy Haloween-40greatnailchallengeBuddy :)

  2. Gorgeous nail.s I love how you have captures the British night sky.


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