Monday, 12 October 2015

Colors by Llarowe Beam Me Up Scotty swatches

Beam Me Up Scotty is a CbL polish I picked up from a nail polish sale page on Facebook. Google is telling my that the polish is limited edition from roughly 2012 and no longer available.

The polish is a pale silvery blue colour, but in some lighting the light turquoise comes out too, the photos below show two coats with CbL PDQ top coat, taken with my phone using the flash (which really brings out the turquoise.)

Beam Me Up Scotty is a holo polish with larger holo glitter pieces scattered through it.

I didn't use the flash for the last photo, the paler colour is more obvious here.

This polish wore well and lasted three days without any chips.  There was no issue with removal, even though it has those glittery pieces in it.

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  1. This is s great one that I own and have!


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