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Nothing to Disclose 

I mentioned in my last post that I had been to Devon.  For readers outside of the UK, Devon is one of the south west counties in England, it has stunning coast lines.  I live in the Midlands, close to Nottingham (Sherwood Forest area) and we are totally land locked here, so getting away by the sea is pretty special for hubs and I. 

We went to Westward Ho! (the only place in the UK with an exclamation mark on it's name) over the first weekend in October, the weather we had was amazing!  The temperatures felt like it was May or June, we were able to wear t'shirts.  There was none of the bracing cold sea breeze you would experience of the east coast: Skegness I am looking at you.  I thought I'd take a break from a nail post today and share some photos from my time there.

All photos taken on my phone.


Westward Ho!
Westward Ho!

A Ninety Nine on the sea front! Although nowadays it sets you back £2.20.  The Hockings ice cream van was a daily highlight for the days I stayed there :)
View from the caravan we stayed in

We had a trip to nearby Clovelly and enjoyed a walk down the hillside through the cobbled street.  Clovelly is a private estate and you have to pay an admission, there is generally no vehicle access to the town.  We walked to the bottom then paid £2.50 each to return to the top in the land rovers which go up and down the access road.  

Whilst we were in Clovelly I saw four cats, two I took photos of.  None of them were phased by the people wandering around the streets, although equally none of them would come over to be fussed.  Lurch would be a real tart if he was there, rubbing his way around all the visitors.



This next photo was a chance snapshot, it came out in focus!  Atlantic Village is a small shopping centre, next to Asda in Bideford.  It has some large chain outlet stores, the type you tend to see in the out of town shopping centres, such as an M&S Outlet, Mountain Warehouse, Gap.  When we were passing by, I noticed a new Beauty Outlet which said opening tomorrow.  I tried to get this sneaky photo of all the nail polishes lined up - almost the whole left side of the shop was polish!
Atlantic Village
The store said it was opening the next day and as we needed to pop to Asda anyway, we went back in and I had a look.  My first impression was the sheer number of W7 products in there, however the bag with the few bits I purchased said W7 Beauty Outlet, so that explained why a good 75% of the stock was W7.  Nail polish prices tended to be reasonable, £1.99 on W7 and Sally Hansen, other brands I saw were Revlon, Nails Inc, OPI, Jessica - I can't remember the prices but I am sure none were over £5.  There were a lot of other make up and beauty items, but I just picked up four W7 polishes.  Turns out, when I checked their website, there are four other outlets Ebbw Vale, Bridgend, Spalding and Mansfield.  The Mansfield one is just fifteen minutes away from me and I didn't even know it was there!!

I wore Girly Bits What Happens in Vegas topped with CbL PDQ.  In total the polish lasted five full days of wear and didn't chip at all.  This video of the amazing sparkle in the evening sun was taken when we had popped into a pub, so the background noise is just general pub noise.


We stayed in Beachside Holiday park which is a caravan park with direct access to the seafront and lovely sea views.  I enjoy staying there as it is such a quiet site - no on site entertainment or bar or anything, just caravans and a launderette which is only open through the day.  The evenings are lovely and quiet, it's a place which leaves you feeling rested.  We have returned there three times in four years.

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