Thursday, 8 October 2015

Inspired by Mary's top!

The inspiration behind this mani is the top a colleague of mine called Mary was wearing.  I noticed the pattern and saw this mani from there.  She was wearing a black and white swirly patterned tunic, which had red and white ovals in the pattern.  I changed the colours around and this is the result.

The swirly stamping was done on my Ubermat. It looks quite simple really, but I am not a skilled stamper, patterns like this won't end up straight or won't end up fully covering the curve of my nails so the edges are bare.  Stamping onto a mat then putting it over polish is really easy for me :)

Base coat OPI Nail Envy, polishes used Barry M Gellys in Almond and Greenberry, Barry M Matte Miami, topcoat CbL PDQ. Stamping polish MoYou Nails Black, stamping plate Red Angel RA106.


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