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Nailpolish.co.uk product review, swatches and nail art.

 Press Sample Purchased by me

Today I have some swatches and nail art using some products I have been sent for review by the lovely people at nailpolish.co.uk

Nailpolish.co.uk have been around a little while now, I did a review post for them some time ago, when I was just recovering from my first bout of Mentality nail lifting issues.  This little box of goodies contains a selection of the goodies they have available on their website.

In the box there was Elegant Touch Apothecary Base coat currently £3.95, NOPI Nicole By the Books currently £3.95, China Glaze White on White currently £2.95,  OPI Do You Have this Colour in Stock-holm currently £6.95, Elegant Touch cuticle nippers currently £10.95, and The Edge cuticle pusher currently £2.95.  There is also a set of brushes, a  MoYou London stamping plate, stamper and scraper, but I cannot find these listed as currently for sale.

Firstly I have some swatches of the polishes.  White on White by China Glaze is a good white polish, it went on evenly in two coats, a strong white without being chalky.  This is two coats with top coat.

ems little corner

ems little corner

My current "go to" white  is OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, I hadn't realised just how off white the polish is until I held it side by side for the photo below.  I also put Barry M Gelly in Cotton on the photo for comparison - they also stock Barry M and Cotton retails at £3.99 which is about the same I paid for mine, although I do tend to pick up Barry M when they are on 3 for 2 or some other offer. The OPI is discontinued and not in stock - I have a back up bottle to get through yet though!

Next is NOPI Alex and the Books.  I haven't actually tried NOPI until this polish.  I have one in my stash I was gifted but haven't tried it out yet.  The formula impressed me, I used two coats with top coat for the photos below.

I love this type of green, I had these other three close on hand and used them for comparison.  I probably have more in my helmers, but couldn't be bothered to walk up the stairs and check at the time! The comparisons are SpaRitual Delight, China Glaze Kinetic Candy, Barry M Gelly Sugar Rush.  The China Glaze is available for £4.95 and the Barry M is £3.99.  I think I paid similar when I purchased mine.

The last polish is OPI Do You Have this Colour in Stock-holm? This blue toned purple went on perfectly in two coats, although the first coat was alarmingly streaky it soon evened out on the second coat.  This is just two coats, I forgot to top coat!  This is so shiny, even without top coat.

I thought DYHTCIS would be a dupe for the long discontinued Funky Dunkey from the Shrek collection, however they aren't alike when side by side.  I actually wondered if my Funky Dunkey has faded with age.  I actually prefer DYHTCIS though, the blue tone of the polish is my preferred type of purple.

I did a little simple skittle with these polishes - I didn't use the brushes or the stamper for my nail art, but I will be using them in upcoming posts.  I have tried a test stamp onto my Ubermat and found that the images transferred well and the stamper is a good squishy stamper, often I find gaps in the images but didn't have this problem.

This manicure has currently worn a full 48hrs and is staying on for at least the next day as I won't have time tonight to repaint.  The colours have drawn a lot of compliments and the lady at the petrol station totally loved the dots :)

Three items I haven't taken or shared photos of in use on this post are the cuticle nippers, cuticle pusher and base coat.  I have tried each and will write a little below.

Elegant Touch Cuticle Nippers
I currently use a pair of Sally Hansen nippers and the moment I felt the Elegant Touch nipper, I could feel a big difference.  The Elegant Touch are lighter, smaller sharp and feel nicer to use.  My Sally Hansen ones are quite bulky by comparison.  I only use nippers to get the stray bits on my cuticle area.  When I took the nippers out of the packet I did think they felt a bit strange - so I compared them to the SH ones and realised that I needed to use a small flat screwdriver to unscrew the spring bit inside the handle, turn it around and retighten it, then I would have the resistance I was used to.

The Edge Metal Cuticle Pusher
I currently use a wooden hoof stick on my cuticles, prior to this I used plastic ones.  I would advise caution using anything metal on your nail in case you cause any damage.  In my experience I get a cleaner finish with a metal one.  I also think that metal is more hygienic as it can be sanitised easier than a plastic or wooden hoof stick.

Nail Apothecary Base Coat
I tried this on my nails for an hour without polish, then as a base for the swatches above.  I was a little confused from the appearance of the bottle in the packaging - was it a brush or a dropper?  It is actually a brush but the handle does look like a dropper.  I haven't put the base to a real test by wearing a polish which I know will stain: Barry M Spring Green, so can't comment on the effectiveness against staining.  I didn't break any nails during the hour without polish, so that is a plus.  Usually I break them, which is why I am rarely without polish.  It dries to a shiny polish finish and is fairly quick to dry.

Prices, payment and shipping
I think the polish prices are pretty much in line with a lot of places, sometimes you can get OPI for a bit less, but nailpolish.co.uk are an official stockist.  Payment methods include paypal - this is usually the one thing I do look for when buying anything online.  Despatch is usually sent same day on orders placed before 2pm Mon-Friday and delivery charges are reasonable: £2.50 for orders under £15, free for orders above £15, full info on shipping policies is available here.

Other brands stocked include Essie, Rimmel, Sally Hansen and Orly.

If you are interested in a monthly polish subscription, the sister site nailbox.co.uk offers just this, a monthly subscription service.  Prices vary from £15 to £13.50 based on varying commitment and prepayment options.  Some of the items I have reviewed are items I recall seeing on previous reviews of the Nailbox service so based on full retail prices it does offer good value if you are wanting to increase your collection.  Because of the amount of colours and finishes of polish I already have, I don't think I could personally justify subscribing to a service like this because I already have a lot which is similar, but for people wanting to increase their polish collection it could be a good way to do so.

A final note - the more observant may have noticed that this post features "Cindy" my Cinderella hand that normally does all the work and isn't photographed.  I have had an October reflare of the good old "Mentality burns." My usual blog hand, the right one, is worst affected so I have switched to Cindy and will be using my left hand on some of the upcoming posts.  It's taken a week of intensive hand cream and oils but already I am seeing improvements. 

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