Monday, 19 October 2015

Phone photo spam

In my 40 Great Nail Art ideas posts, I showed my newly shortened nails.  The next photos are from the days before then.  Some I had snap shotted quickly on my phone, but never photographed properly.  Some of the polishes used within the post are press samples.

The first mani was inspired by a Nailasaurus mani using a red angel stamping plate.  I didn't like the stud placement I tried and ended up removing this mani within an hour.

This next mani replaced the last one, a simple two coats of a-england Perceval.  Classic red.  I only wore it for a day as I hated how apparent my ridges were with this finish (the same ridges I cut my nails off to get rid off.)

I wore two coats of Ozotic 624 (later released as Pandora by piCture pOlish) and the deep purple glitteryness was lovely.  My ridges were less apparent with this polish.

Next a couple of photos of how much better my nail lifting is now - just these bloody ridges to go now!

And then.... I caused another flare up! It was one of those "just didn't think" things.  I decided I wanted to use a hair removal cream on my legs rather than shave, so I could get lovely smooth knees and no cuts.  I could see the little spatula thing, so I just smeared it on and washed my hands.  The very next day all the usual stuff started, itching and burning around my cuticles and under the tips of a couple of nails.  Luckily I now realise what the symptoms are and can now identify an trigger a bit quicker - so I deal with it better too.

This next photo has my slightly reddened skin, just starting with the problems.  I made decals with SpaRitual polishes and my ubermat.  I had just shortened my nails a little compared to the photos above as at the time these were taken I was due to go to Devon and over the last few years I haven't ever been to Devon without breaking at least three nails!

This last photo shows my before and after with those ridges.  As I mentioned I had shortened my nails, but... for the first time in about five years, I went away and didn't break a nail!  My skin still looks rough on these photos, this is because of the skin flare up.

One last bonus picture of Lurch...

And that is most of the phone spam cleared out of my gallery!

I can't be the only person with a phone full of photos of nails (and Lurch!) can I?

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