Thursday, 29 October 2015

Smitten Skittle

I'm rather partial to Smitten polishes, so when the recent Fall 2015 collection was released I was tempted to buy a couple - plus one of the limited editions benefiting the black mamba anti poaching unit. When they arrived I couldn't make my mind up which to wear first so I skittled them.

I wore Oh the Hue-Manatee, the grey charcoal polish packed with glitter and holo on my ring finger and Something Wicked This Way Plums on my middle finger. The plain black creme is Barry M Espresso (matte, but topcoated for this mani).  I can't remember if I used HK Girl topcoat or CbL PDQ top coat.  I currently have both.

Something Wicked his Way Plums is a almost a single coater, I think it may stamp very well.  I considered trying to use it to stamp over the plain black nails.

I love the way Oh the Hue-manatee glitters on the next picture!

After a day of wearing the above mani, I decided to change my plain black nails for black holo by adding Black Mamba over the top.

My Smitten polishes came direct from  Noelie on the Smitten website, the delivery time was great - a little over a week.  The Smitten site also has a list of international stockists.

Are you Smitten yet?

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