Friday, 27 November 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Cartoons

Today I have a tale of shit execution of a couple of reasonable ideas. For this week I would like to rename this challenge 39 great nail art ideas and one spectacularly shit one.

So the cartoon idea that MADE it to my nails is an attempt at a Cheshire Cat. Pink and purple. The purple is OPI Do You Have This Colour in Stockholm, the pink is Barry M Dragon Fruit. The face was acrylic paints.

My original plan which didn't make it to the nails was a bad Spiderman pattern.  The black and silver suit from Spiderman 2 (I think.) I cannot freehand cobwebs so I tried using vinyl stencils. As I only had a couple, I thought I might be able to reuse them if I did them carefully on my ubermat. The first attempt over silver holo half worked and half pulled the base coat up. The next idea was to paint onto the mat then too coat, but that didn't work which is why I went to the Cheshire Cat back up option.

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  1. Aww i think he's cute...i love Alice in Wonderland a lot and the Cheshire cat is awesome (especially since he's played by Stephen Fry in the more recent film :p). I think you've done a great job of capturing his mischievous grin :). And I'm babbling all over your comments, sorry! Lol. x


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