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A&M handmade cuticle oil review.

I've posted a lot about my skin issues following the whole Mentality situation.  Funnily enough, all those sore bits all over my hands seem to have gone away since I stopped using their polish.  The last blistery itchy rash over the whole hand was experienced was within a fortnight of my last wearing of a MNP.  Since then I have found my nail area still is quite sensitised and will flare up with certain triggers - not always cause known.  My last flare up, I suspect is related to a blue polish I wore for five days.  I recall something being said about nickel being used as a pigment in some blues - I am mega allergic to nickel, maybe that's why I found myself with sore patches under my nails in the last week of October?  I decided to up the ante and increase my oil usage.

I prefer using pens to oil in a bottle with a brush as I think I over apply when I use a bottle.  I was going to order some more Pure Nail Oil, but their site doesn't accept PayPal - I have a card I use for shopping online which I only ever leave the money in for purchases and couldn't figure out the conversion rates or if my bank would charge me a fee for paying in dollars, so I decided to shop around.  I had a look on Etsy and found zero results from the UK, all the shipping seemed mega expensive from outside of the UK (just three pens cost over £20 with shipping!) but I found one seller whose fees seemed a bit more reasonable - AMHandmade.  I purchased two single 2ml pens and a Love Your Cuticles Kit which had a third 2ml pen and a 15ml bottle of oil with a dropper for around £20 with postage.  The delivery was so quick, it took just a week from USA to UK.

The photo below shows how well packaged they were - there was tissue and ribbon around them, they were beautifully wrapped packages but I was so eager I ripped it off then remembered I wanted photos!  You can just see the red ribbon in the top left.  There was also a lovely hand written note in the package thanking me for my order.

Ingredients include olive oil, tea tree, jojoba, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, evening primrose and shea oil.  I ordered the Vanilla Cake Batter scent - despite everything fragrances don't seem to affect me.

This was how my hands were on day of delivery, after two applications.

And my halloween mani was done five days later - my nails had grown loads in those five days!

My skin has felt so much better using this oil.  The oil is absorbed really quickly and doesn't make my hands feel greasy.  I purchased the three pens because, as I have mentioned before, three is my magic number: one at work, one by the bed and one on the coffee table downstairs at home.   I have managed to use the coffee table pen already.  I didn't think the pen was intended to be refilled, I tried to pull it apart but it didn't seem to want to come apart, I didn't force it, but later kept twisting the end to try and get those last precious drops of oil out, the pen was clicking but I just kept twisting and suddenly it clicked open.  I wasn't sure if it is intended to be done, so put a little oil in.  As I had no leakage, I have since refilled the others too.  So far so good - just note that it is not on the official spec on the Etsy page, so it may not work.

I actually liked this oil so much that within a couple of days I ordered a further two Love Your Cuticle kits, also delivered within a week, beautifully wrapped and with a hand written note.  Hopefully moving forwards from here, my nails will start to mend properly, lots of oil and tlc helped last time around.  If you are looking to try a new oil, I would say this seems to be as good as Pure Nail Oil.  

One thing I did find happen was that a lot of the hardened dry skin around my cuticles and on my fingers where I previously had blisters gradually lifted off.  For a day or two along the way my hands were left looking worse rather than better due to this.  I persisted with the application as I recalled a similar thing happening when I did my Pure Nail Oil challenge. Two weeks on I am really pleased with the results and will be continuing to use this oil as much as I can.  I filed my nails shorter a couple of days ago, I only have one noticable ridge left from the previous lifting issues now which is fab! 

My right hand ring finger is finally starting to improve too.  The area between cuticle and knuckle has been a bit iffy for a couple of months, like the skin was too tight and slightly swollen but that is improving too - probably aided by tea tree and moisture.

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  1. Glad to hear your hands and nails are doing so much better :)


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