Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Madam Glam nail polish swatches and discount code

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Today I have some swatches of four Madam Glam polishes, plus a super discount code.

First up is "Coral Passion" a neon shade, this reminded me of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and was equally hard to photograph as the neon sends the camera crazy.

This is three coats with top coat. I realised after two coats it may have been wise to apply a white base.

Above is with the camera on auto, below is with my usual set up. I would say it sits somewhere between them.


Next is "I Love Winter" a glitter packed pink toned brown with flecks of purple, orange and even a hint of green. This polish is so lively and enchanting on the nail, photographs don't capture the movement this polish has.  This is two coats with top coat.

I am gutted at how the light box missed the intense depth of the next polish. This deep navy creme "Endless Night" went on perfect in normal lighting in just one coat! Clean up was hard with this blue though and acetone ran around the side wall of my thumb taking blue toned polish with it and leaving me a bit Smurf-y. One coat, no top coat - how glossy??

Finally, Cinderella Shoes. OMG.... in the bottle this looked fantastic all those different coloured holo glitters, I tested it on my ubermat and thought it was a topper. Trying it on my nails over each of the earlier polishes, I decided just to go the full hog and apply it alone. Two coats is all it needed. I used a PVA glue base in the hope of easing removal, clean up wasn't easy with this polish but on the nails it is stunning! I posted a video of the movement within this polish on my instagram page - link in side bar. The last time I wore anything like this, it was loose glitter over gel and a pig to remove! Thankfully the PVA aided my removal, there were a few stubbon areas which needed acetone and the little glitters were everywhere at that point!

Formula wise I found all of the polishes quite thick in consistency, a little thicker than I am used to so I will probably add a couple of drops of thinner before next using them. If I had to pick a favourite from these right now I would say Coral Passion, I love bright creme polish, but as they all have different elements I like it may be a different answer in an hour! The most surprising fact is I wore Cinderella Shoes the next day, I rarely wear glitters but I loved the sparkle.

Madam Glam also have a range of make up and gel nail polish, products are cruelty free and the nail polishes are 5-free formula. They offer international shipping and have PayPal listed as a method of payment - something I always look for when shopping online.

The Madam Glam website have an offer at present, 30% off until 27th November 2015 with the coupon code BFEmslittlecorner. The link is not an affiliate link, although my blog name does form part of the URL.

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