Friday, 20 November 2015

Smitten Himalayan Blue Poppy and comparison.

Today I have a comparison post, I recently duped myself without even realising it.  Debbie Crumpet has destashed a lot of polishes and I was tempted by several - I bought Too Fancy Lacquer Lake Como and had it sitting in a drawer of polishes I have yet to swatch on swatchsticks.  I was rummaging through this drawer and found Smitten Himalayan Blue Poppy sat in there, I had pretty much forgotten even having that polish having only worn it once before.  They looked so similar that I decided to pull them out and put them side by side, I was rather surprised, so sharing the outcome.

Bottles side by side, TFL looks a bit lighter than the Smitten.

Next photo is rather careless of me, side by side on Ubermat, but I don't which is which as I wasn't paying attention....

Identical!! Even the holo pattern has turned out the same on each stripe.  I decided to wear them side by side on my nails and see how they compared, sometimes on the nail you start seeing differences especially in different lights.

In the photos below I have two nails painted with Smitten and three with Too Fancy Lacquer, can you guess which ones they are?  Each nail has a base of OPI Nail Envy, two coats of the blue holo and top coated with HK Girl.

My hands are still a bit messy as they are mending after the last flare up I had in late October.

Hubs guessed that my index and middle were one polish, the others were the other one - he was wrong, just the lighting we were in made them look different.

I wore them both for four days, both chipped but the Smitten didn't wear quite as well chipping partway through day three, whereas the TFL only chipped moments before me taking this photo.  Both hands were the same, slightly more tip wear on my Smitten fingers, but still decent wear for that time frame.  There was the minutest difference between them in the office lighting, which I only saw because I was really looking for it, the TFL looked a fraction lighter.  All the nuggles I asked were unable to tell any difference.

Now here is irony....  Whilst I was wearing the two polishes for comparison I developed a hideous case of sinusitis.  I knew I had taken a photo of my yellow horse pills next to my hand for size comparison the last time I had a bad case and look at the polish I was wearing.

April 2015 after being ill in bed with flu for a week which is why my nails looked a mess
Nov 2015
It was the same bloody polish!  I have destashed the Smitten now as they were so similar and the wear time was slightly better on the TFL.


  1. Well due to my love of holos and purple/blue colors, I have plenty of dupes myself...they were both pretty!!

  2. I'd say those are dupes then...
    good to know that one wears better than the other. great post


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