Sunday, 6 December 2015

China Glaze Fancy Pants / Girly Bits Shift Happens combo

Today's China Glaze/Girly Bits combo was unintended.  This post also shows off my ususal blogging hand, which has been unblogged with for a few weeks but my skin is so much improved now, since using the AM Handmade oil!

Originally my plan with this mani was to use China Glaze Fancy Pants.  After wondering if anyone had captured the pink shimmer in photos, I checked Google images and saw a photo by Lavish Layerings from over two years ago, this made me realise the two are perfect together.

This last photo shows a hit of orange and green as well as the pinky hues.


  1. These colours look so lovely I like the purple shimmer effect on the first one :0)
    Saz x


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