Wednesday, 9 December 2015

OPI DS Glamour swatches

OPI DS Glamour was my all time favourite blue holo.  I once owned this blue, then sold it.  I recently repurchased it and have worn it four times in the five weeks I have had it again, which is quite a lot for me.  These phone photos show the most recent time I wore it.

This video shows the holo in motion.

The more eagle eyed may have noticed that during the very first moments of the video, I knocked and smudged my middle finger - grrrrrrrrr.  I couldn't be bothered to replace the whole basecoat, colour, topcoat, so I repaired it by flattening the smudge down, dotting a drop onto the missing area, the adding a third coat of polish over the whole nail and a new layer of top coat.  The picture below is the repaired nail.

Alas before applying this polish and whilst wearing it, I noticed the last remnants of my October nail troubles again.  The October flare up was resulting in wearing a different blue holo, ironically enough.  I have been told I may be sensitive to a pigment used in some blue polishes.  Mid October my nails and surrounding skin went to the worst possible state it can get into, my nails were sore, nail beds cracked under the tip of my nails and the nail detached from the bed.  The white free edge of my nail was reaching over 2/3 of most nails. Also, my nails started to show signs of onycholysis ridges, caused by the detachment from the nail bed. I had increased my oil usage at the end of October, which is why my skin is in a much better state, but the damage to the nail bed was already done by this point. 

Whilst wearing this polish and aware of how bad my nails were underneath, I made a big decision just to cut them all off, as low as I could to help the healing process.  I have done this before and the photo I used then was shared by a troll and ended up on Pinterest.  My IG page has a photo showing how badly affected they were.

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