Saturday, 2 January 2016

My "it's a boy" mani and vinyls on ubermat tutorial

On new year's eve I became a granny! Well step granny, although at a push I guess technically I am old enough to be a grandmother now (scary stuff!!) My stepson became a dad to a baby boy weighing in at 6lb 13oz.  My blue / green / grey / cream colour theme were inspired by a dirty, stained tea mug used by a male colleague. Why do male colleagues always have filty mugs?!

I used Barry M Cobalt Blue, Key Lime and Chai and SpaRitual Symmetry (previously provided for review). The studs were some I previously reviewed from Born Pretty Store. I made the zig zag nails as a decal on my ubermat with vinyls from.She Sells Sea Shells (see last picture for how I did them). Top coat is HK Girl.

I have tried vinyls on my ubermat with little success on my Halloween mani, but took those lessons and learned from them with this design.

1 - place vinyl straight on Ubermat, APPLY STRAIGHT TO MAT, NO CLEAR POLISH, generously paint your main colour over the vinyls
2 - peel off the vinyl immediately, whilst polish is wet and allow drying time
3 - fill in the gaps, I wasn't dead neat at this stage as I intended this to be the back of the decal. At this point I lifted my ubermat and checked the underside as when it was upright I could see gaps in the grey and was able to correct them
4 - apply a generous layer of ptopcoat over the decal, I went a bit around it too so it wasn't damaged when peeling
(Not pictured) I used tweezers to lift the decal, flipped it over and trimmed it back. 
5 - apply base coat, I used Nailtiques Formula 2 and pressed the decal on before base was fully dry
6 - top coat and clean up (ignore my bad clean up with Smurf-y blue polish!) 


  1. What a great idea to use the vinyls on the uebermat. So far I shyed away from using vinyl as I find them quite fiddly. I love your design and colours!

  2. Love the colors! Congrats on your step-grandson!

  3. I really like the colors that you used for this! Congrats on becoming a step-granny too (:


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