About Me

My name is Emma and I am a nail polish addict.... welcome to my little corner of the world wide web where I posted my nail art, reviewed polishes and shared swatches. I've retired from posting since January 2016, but my blog remains in place as a reference archive. I will be posting on Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/EmsLittleCorner still.

In 2014 I experienced Mentality nail polish burns.  My nails lifted off. I didn't realise this was the trigger until August 2015 when the shit hit the fans for them and it came out that many women had also been affected.  I experienced onycholysis three times between April 2014 - Jan 2016. The first spell was April - June 2014 definitely triggered by their polish, my blog labels show heavy use of their polish in the first part of 2014. The next spell was April - July 2015 which coincided with my trying acrygel base, I suspect my nail beds were still mega sensitive after the earlier issues. I had a final spell October 2015 - Jan 2016, although I hadn't used Mentality since the August, I think it was triggered by a blue polish I wore for five days.  During the five days my hands went through a full allergy cycle, blisters, itching and weeping, then they lifted off.  By January 2016 most of the damage had grown out and no more ridges remain, I am hoping no more sensitivity now, as I have found a soothing hand care routine and my skin is behaving normally now, rather than being constantly sensitive. I can even do some household chores without needing gloves!