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This page is to share some of the things I have found help me along the way.

Nail Oils / Cuticle Care

AM Handmade Cosmetics Cuticle Oil

I think of this oil as my miracle liquid gold product.  I love the fragrance, my skin has no issues with it and my nails are growing extremely quickly from using this.  I have five pens and three dropper bottles.  There are options to buy just pens or the love your cuticles kit with the dropper bottle/ pen combination.  This has become my number one go to oil, the store is on Etsy and accepts PayPal, delivery US to UK is around a week.

Bliss Kiss / Pure Nail Oil™* 
I had great results with Pure Nail Oil, but when I last tried to order they no longer accepted PayPal, meaning prices were in USD and I couldn't figure out the price in GBP. My favourite smell is the Crisp scent, but if you are extra sensitive you can get an unscented option.

SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail oil 
This was my go to cuticle product for some time, it smells divine and soaks in really well.  It is a bit more expensive that some other options though.

I have been amazed at how well this stuff works.  I apply it after nail oil.  I have decanted some of this into a small empty Burt's Bees tin to carry around.  The product can take a little rubbing in, so maybe the extra massage of my cuticle area is helping promote growth.

Burt's Bees is heavier than Lush Lemony Flutter, it is waxier and takes more rubbing in. I often use this during the day at home or before bed.  It's a bit heavy for use at work, although I do have a mini tin in my desk drawer!

Lush UltraBalm 
My go to miracle product.  I have made no secret of discussing my poor eczema prone skin and how it cracks and flares up.  Ultrabalm has a softer texture than I expected, it warms easily between the hands and gives my hands that "gloved" feeling of comfort, but is also good for lips, smoothing hair, and general skin in need of TLC.

SpaRitual cuticle remover
I use this once a week or sometimes once a fortnight with wooden orange sticks to clean up.  I actually got this product by mistake from an Amazon seller, I ordered a bottle of cuticle oil and got this instead.  It works better than anything else I have previously tried so it's a happy mistake.


Nailtiques Formula 2
Formula 2 really helped my nails to grow, very few breaks, but still experienced peeling. The peeling was a minor irritation not a problem though.  Good alternative to Duri.

Duri Rejuvacote
(link to eBay US seller I have used multiple times, check feedback and make your own decision) I have found this is one of the most suited to me strengtheners.  I believe Duri is a bit like Marmite as you either love it or hate it.  It stinks and makes my eyes water, but it makes my nails grow, prevents peeling and keeps them strong. I have had one bottle which was a little questionable - not so pink toned and my nails kept breaking, so I think I got a different formula.

OPI Nail Envy
An old classic.  I have mixed feelings about this product, I definitely find it doesn't prevent peeling tips anywhere near so well as Duri, but it is more easily available.

SpaRitual Protein Boost
I cut my nails off and made a series of posts recording how they grew back using Protein Boost each day.  It worked generally very well for me, although I found I have one nail which needed something slightly different - my thumb nails regularly broke whilst the rest were really long and suited this product!

AcryGel base
For the first few months of 2015 I used an AcryGel base - see this link for more info on AcryGel, it's explained so well!  I had mixed feelings with this.  It definitely made my nails solid and unbreakable, but I seemed to have issues with onchylosis and nail bed sensitivity to the gel - I am not sure if this was because of Mentality burns leaving my nail beds sensitive or if I just cannot wear gel.  Either way, it's not something I continued to do.


Aldi Lacura Nourishing handcream with beeswax and glycerine
I leave this at work to keep on my desk.   I love this as it only costs 75p and is a 125ml tube, it doesn't smell massively offensive and it keeps my hands comfortable.  It doesn't matter if people help themselves to it either!

Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream*
This works really well with my eczema.  It is very rich though, a lighter option is Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion With Natural Colloidal Oatmeal* which you can get in a huge tube.  They both really keep my skin comfortable and calm.  I have used both.

Burt's Bees Honey and Grapeseed Oil Hand Creme*
I love this hand cream, I adore the smell and texture of it.  It's not greasy and quickly absorbed.  It is quite fragrant though, so maybe not good for people sensitve to smells or who don't like honey smells!

Burt's Bees Almond Milk Hand Creme*
I was given a full size jar for Christmas, having already used up several minis.  The smell of this is quite strong, it also is another mega greasy feeling hand cream.  Perfect for last thing at night, I also put it on before I wash dishes so it can soak into my skin (inside rubber gloves!) and act as a treatment.

Polish Removal / Clean-up

I use an Acetone* / glycerine / water mix remover to take off my old polish.  I first saw this on Lacquerheads of Oz.

When cleaning up I use pure acetone in a small bottle with Royal & Langnickel Small Eyebrow Brush* - I get through around two brushes a year, although it maybe less than that.

Nail File

I have two Leighton Denny Crystal Nail Files*  The first one was a gift,  then I bought a second one to keep in my handbag.  I swear by this file as since I started using it I haven't had the major issues with peeling nails that I used to experience.

And that's about it really!

If you have any questions about my nail care routine please feel free to use my contact me tab or leave a comment below.

Last updated 28/05/15

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